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What do I do if I get no results?

Insurance and location are the most common causes of a lack of results.

Consider adding “Sliding Scale” to your search to include therapists who don't accept your insurance but are able to work within your budget. If you don’t see a nearby therapist who fits your needs, try adding “Remote video sessions” to your search under "Locations."

Note that it can be really difficult to find a great psychiatrist who takes insurances; those who do often have long waitlists for new clients. We currently don't have psychiatrists in New York, Massachusetts, or Connecticut who take insurance; however, many insurance plans will reimburse you 20-90% of the session fee, depending on your exact plan. In Rhode Island, we’re fortunate to have a few providers who prescribe medication and take insurances. You can find in-network psychiatrists by filtering by insurance and your age (under “See more filters” and “Clientele”) here.

How to use out-of-network benefits.