What happens in the first therapy session? | Zencare

What happens in the first therapy session?


You’ll likely be given some paperwork to complete regarding your demographic, medical, and psychiatric information. Your therapist will ask if you’ve been in therapy before, what the experience was like, and if there are any approaches that worked or didn’t work at all. They might also ask some questions to understand your past and what’s bringing you in now. If you’re uncomfortable answering any of the questions up front, just let your therapist know you’d rather move on and revisit the topic later.

Some therapists focus on assessing your needs in the first session, while others dive straight into processing the issues that are bringing you in. Either way, know that the first session may move a bit slowly as you and the therapist get to know each other, and that therapy tends to get deeper and more effective in subsequent sessions. Read more about what to expect in the first therapy session.